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Images - General

Images help to leven a website. They convey information of themselves, and they break up the text. So it's good to make good use of them. But first you have to get the right source material...

Sources of still images

Photos are the most promising source of still images for a church website. A good digital camera helps, but in favourable conditions you can take usable photos with a fairly ordinary phone. Of course, some people are better at taking good photos than others. If you don't have the services of a professional photographer or a similarly skilled amateur, don't worry. As long as your photographer is basically competent, you'll probably manage. Here are a few tips...

Other sources of still images include clip art and stock photographs.

Video images

Shooting video footage that is good enough for a website is harder than taking still images and making sound recordings. If you can get professional help. fine. If not, consider using a mix of audio recording and still images.

Last updated: April 2017

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