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Something for Nothing

News and information provided by others

It's a good idea to include as much useful information from other trusted sources as you can. Plenty of organisations provide Newsfeeds which can be incorporated into web pages (though they may not be advertised much and can be difficult to track down). Newsfeeds can make your website more useful, as well as making it more dynamic, without you having to do any updating yourself. This site's right-hand column contains a couple of newsfeeds.

decorative image - newsFor the local community at large, it is possible to include things like local / regional news headlines and weather reports directly on your own web pages. Alternatively, you might feature a Twitter feed.

For the work of the church, things may be a bit harder, depending on your denomination. Although (or possibly because) it's been around for ages, this technology appears to be not well understood in some quarters. Again, in the absence of a suitable newsfeed, you might be able to find a Twitter feed you can use instead.

At best, you will find it possible to include relevant news from your national / regional denominational organisation (e.g. Diocese), plus news from your favoured development agency (if your favoured organisation still supports one - most have disappeared or are no longer updated).

Other available feeds include various Bible verse options and as of April 2009, GoodBookReviews offers not only a newsfeed, but also the ability to display selected reviews from their site inside yours. Here's an example of one of the many possibilities - a randomly selected book from the 'Faith Worldwide' section.

Adding feeds to your website may need some modest technical skill, but a suitable Content Management System can make it easy.

Last updated: April 2017




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