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You will probably want to mention missionary and charitable work which your church is engaged in, to encourage people to support the work and to inform members and friends of your church what's going on.

There are circumstances beyond what is perhaps obvious when you should exercise caution in what you publish. A good rule-of-thumb is not to publish anything which isn't fairly common knowledge in the locality where the work is carried out.

Decorative image - remotenessIf part of your work is carried out discreetly, or some gifts are made discreetly within a wider context, don't mention it on your website, because this is the World Wide Web, and no matter how remote or impoverished the location, sooner or later the words you write will be read by someone who is local to the place.

It's obvious to exercise caution about publicising any work you have in areas where there is persecution and oppression, but it's as well to be careful when writing about any areas where there are underlying ethnic or other tensions. The last thing you want to do is put someone in danger because of something on your website.
(If trouble erupts, be sure you can "pull" your pages quickly for a double-check in the light of changed circumstances. But remember that search engines will retain copies until their next update, so the best thing is to take care in the first place!)

Last updated: May 2008


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John 3:17
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