Who's it for? - the audiences for your website

Different parts of your website will be aimed at different groups of people. Here are some of the possibilities:-

  • Members of the regular congregation.
  • Regular members who are away for long periods (perhaps as students, on work contracts, or as members of the armed forces) or who are house-bound.
  • Those who are friends of the church but are not regular members.
  • Your local community.
  • Short or long term visitors to your area - perhaps your are in a popular tourist spot, or students come to study nearby.
  • People moving into the area.

Each audience will have different needs, which will affect all other decisions.

Remember that any public website has another audience too - absolutely anyone in the world who happens to find it and start reading it. In other words, when you write for one audience, try to do so in such a way that doesn't alienate any other possible audience.

Last update: May 2008


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