Mission Projects

Decorative image - missionChurch websites can and should feature the mission projects they're involved with - it's part of what the church is, and the church website can help to keep your audiences informed about developments and initiatives. Some of the work you do may strike a chord with people beyond the regular members of the congregation, and may act as a spur for someone to become involved... or as with any other aspect of the church's life featured on the website, it may motivate Christians moving into the area to make visiting you a priority.

Larger projects - in fact almost any project which involves more than one or two churches - is likely to have its own website, so you can provide links for further information, rather than duplicate it unnecessarily.

With any project, you need to be careful what you write, and what other content you include (photographs, for example). You don't want to embarrass anyone, or put them in danger. (There is more on this subject in Text and Images - Mission and Charity.)

Last updated: June 2008


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