Don't do this...

This isn't going to be a long list. There are probably too many lists like this already. Also, be warned: there are some technical terms on this page.

Decorative image - how not toIf you opt to use a Content Management System, most of the mistakes below are harder, or even impossible to make. If you don't, you need to understand all this stuff...

All lists like this warn you to avoid framesets and splash screens, make sure you have CSS font specifications with a generic font family name as a final fallback position, and so on... but here are a few that are mentioned less commonly.

  • Remember to specify background as well as foreground colours. (A lot of people who build websites for a living forget that one.)
  • If you're relying on a web editor package to upload associated images when you upload the page, make sure you know that the base path is correct. Some people still manage to load web pages with pointers to images on their own computer, somehow, and if they only test from their own computer and don't examine the code, they'll never notice that they're the only person on the planet who can see their web pages as they should be...
  • Don't forget to give every page a meaningful title (as specified by the TITLE markup in the page header). It's important for search engine results displays, and is easily overlooked with some web editing packages.
  • The fact that MS Publisher includes an option to make a website from a publication doesn't mean that it should ever be used to make a church website. Ever. (Probably only of historical interest now, but you can't be too careful.)
  • Don't use obscure plugins, especially ones which aren't supported across a wide variety of computers. PDF is good.
And finally... It seems there are a few people who think it's a good idea to make a church website using one of those 'free' create your own web pages services which pay for themselves by placing significant quantities of 3rd party advertising on your pages.
If you can't see what could possibly go wrong with that, you need advice about a whole lot more than websites...

Last updated: April 2017


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