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Information about Services is going to be part of any church website.

Decorative image - servicesAt the most basic level, you do little beyond duplicating what's on the church noticeboard, but you can do more, listing service themes Sunday-by-Sunday, pointing out the opportunities a particular service might offer for a first-time visitor, advertising and encouraging attendance at special services, and so on. If you only put up basic information that doesn't need regular updating, don't forget to note anything unusual like a changed service time, just as you would on the noticeboard.

It 's pretty easy to record talks/sermons and put them onto your website. This can be especially useful for regular members of the congregation who are unable to attend for any reason. Don't build up an endless library of these on the public website - a selection made up of the most recent ones is easier to manage.

Last updated: April 2017


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