Writing Text for Church Websites

Because your website will be indexed by search engines (make sure it is!), any indexed page is a potential entry point for a visitor. But it is accepted and understood that your site will have a structure, and that there will be preferred entry points (the home page, the 'top' pages of the main sections) which will set the context for a visitor to the site

Those entry points need to grab attention quickly. Assume your users have very short attention spans.

Get your key messages across clearly and concisely. Don't write long sentences. Avoid jargon if at all possible. (Do you know when you're using jargon? If in doubt, ask a new Christian.) Sub-edit ruthlessly, or get someone else to do it for you. Always have your audience in mind.

Decorative image - good content

Break up text with appropriate images, avoid long paragraphs, and if you do have to write more than a few words, use typographic devices such as bold text to help people pick out key points.

Try to ensure that on a typical web browser, all the key points are communicated without the user having to scroll down.

In longer pages (not your entry points), list devices like sets of bullet points and boxed text can also help to break things up and make them more readable on screen.


Last updated: April 2017

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