Key decisions

Having considered your possible and potential audiences, the topics you want to cover, and the resources you have available, you are ready to turn your wish-list into a check-list.Decorative image - key decisions

  • You will need an individual to take on the role of site manager. Will they do all the updating of the site? Ideally, the workload can be shared with one or more assistants being responsible for specific sections of the site.
  • Will your site be kept up to date regularly, or is it just going to be a simple brochure / noticeboard ?
  • Do you plan to use the website for meeting minutes and agendas? If so, your site will need a private area with a simple login process.
  • Is your site going to be interactive? Will you invite discussion on any topic, either in a public part of the site, or (more likely) in a private area, so ideas can be gathered and filtered between meetings?

The questions above have significant influence on how you set about creating your website, and the options are discussed in detail under Technology.

Last updated: July 2008



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